Rangoli Based On Themes

  • Bloom Theme: In this subject for the most part Lotus, Lilly or Rose are utilized to make Rangoli design. It must be made by utilizing the mix of brilliant and light hues to give the characteristic impact.
  • Peacock Theme: This subject is extremely normal in Simple rangoli Design for plumes will give the Rangoli outline more aesthetic impression.
  • Picture Theme: For this sort of Rangoli craftsmanship, any representation of celebrated identity can be made.
  • Beautiful Theme: Choose any common scene to draw with hues on the floor and add the normal view to Rangoli pictures.
  • Kids Theme: Any children’s cartoonish character or a scene from dreamland can be chosen for this sort of Rangoli plan.
  • Message Theme: Any social message can be given by drawing the Rangoli plan in rivalries.
  • Custom Theme: In this subject, outlines identified with Lord Ganesh, Ganpati, Vitthal , Shiva and so forth can be utilized. The plan must be contained energetic hues. It can be the best decision to attract rivalries amid Holi, Diwali, Dussehra, New Year.
  • This article conveys every one of the angles identified with the specialty of Rangoli in India. The essentialness of Rangoli concerning distinctive viewpoints will help you to comprehend its significance on various occasions. It can be obviously inferred that a Diwali occasion of Indians is fragmented without drawing the Rangoli. Theme based Rangoli is additionally rising to put the enthusiasm of adolescents in this old custom. Rundown of subjects for Rangoli will help you to choose any topic in the event that you are sorting out or partake in any sort of Rangoli plans rivalry.                     More themes available Here 


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